23 Sep 2014


Feeling proud to be an Indian. Again, ISRO is hitting the marquee with its successful accomplishment of missions. Especially this time, with one of the most challenging missions ever. "The Mars Orbiter Mission" - Mangalyaan.
The successful launch of Chandrayaan-1 had already increased the levels of confidence among the Indian scientists and space aspirants!
It is easy to celebrate the success and criticize the failures indeed. I think it is time to commemorate the dedicated deeds of hundreds of individual brains behind this, since after the completion of its feasibility study in 2010.
It is nothing, but their dedication, practicality, precision and perseverance that is getting proved day by day. These people had created a 'SPACE' for India in the mighty universe!
Proud to be an Indian! Respect ISRO and Team Mangalyaan! Let this be a kick start for our future space exploratory missions!
"MOM"- from Mother India

- Rahul Sharma

22 Aug 2014

PEACE comes only with COURAGE

Once upon a time, a coward dared to look onto a mirror for his image, and then he saw a terrorist there! This is where the real terrorism originates.
Don't be a coward ever.
- Rahul Sharma

31 Jul 2014


Boys often used to tell their girlfriends: "Hey dear, I love you, but please understand that I have to settle in my life. Please give me some time".
I think, SETTLEMENT has been a problem since ages!
Rather than loving their lovers, individuals find pleasure in settling down independently at first. Yes, obviously it is the core human psychology to stay free, independent of others. This prevails within the mindsets of humans irrespective of cast, creed, religion, nation, culture, sex etc.. At an eccentric level, it can provoke the EGO within us.
It starts with Love and freedom, and ends in a war!
This happens in the root level.
Now, it is happening in a global level, and it is at its magnified state.
Yes, I am coming back to the problem of settlement. What does it mean actually?
All of us are fond of Indus valley, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and the other settlements!
The act of SETTLEMENT had witnessed the Eradication of Red Indians;
the ARYAN supremacy over the DRAVIDIANS etc...
A nation for slaves, a nation for Christians, a Nation for Muslims, a Nation for Jews and the world is getting divided day by day!
Yes, I am coming to the topic- ISRAEL and PALESTINE.
The whole thing cannot be typed here.
Once upon a time, Nazis faced huge criticism for the act of holocaust- the killing of Jews.
Now, things are no different from the Jewish state Israel.
We often find people taking sides of Palestine as well as Israel in this issue, say blindly. Checking out the history, it started around 1917, when the Jews were promised a separate homeland in Palestine.
Since then, those areas had gone through various trauma after World War II, the Arab-Israel war, the 6 day war (1967), Gulf wars etc.. Then comes the US intervention, and the acts of global policing.
Time went from Ariel Sharon and Yaser Arafat to Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmud Abbas. Political talks are considerably boring when it comes to the common man.
Political talks are considerably cruel when it comes to the victims.
This is 2014.
Is there any bit of change for the egos of Israelis?
Is there any bit of unity among the Hamas and Hezbollahs?
What for the warfare?
Countless Muslims were killed even today.
Don't know the scoreboard numbers of Sunnis and Shiyas as well.
There aren't any Israelis. There aren't any Palestinians indeed.
There are just victims. Red Blooded sufferers of COLD BLOODED killers.
Where are those religious norms that teach peace and love?
Where are those religious norms that teach fraternity?
Children at Gaza and West Bank has no religion.
They don't even know how to think.
PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE BORN AT 31.4167° N, 34.3333° E i.e, the GAZA STRIP. This is ridiculous, humiliating, sarcastic, barbarian and insane and is nothing but pure form of sadism.
SETTLEMENT is the problem, ego is the problem which is eventually leading to the breaking of agreements. Things are getting weird over there day by day, and it is getting uncontrollable.
As humans, we are ought to think more, better say, to think OUT OF THE BOX, and promote peace and fraternity.
Obviously, we all have just one life as for our knowledge.
and please understand that LOVE, FRATERNITY and FREEDOM are more important than attaining INDEPENDENT SETTLEMENT.
Posters, banners and speeches from various other parts of the sphere can do nothing much to promote peace at the spot.
I do strongly believe that The idea of PEACE PROMOTION SHOULD ALWAYS BE IMPARTED ON THE ATTACKING SIDE, whichever maybe.
Once they are ego struck, it is hard to get their minds back.
The sufferers cannot stay calm for long as per universal human nature!
We can pray for them. Pray for the sinners and pray for the sufferers.
The Unguided mass of people are losing their senses and discretion power just to burst out crackers over there.
'vasudevakudumbakam' - universal fraternity - is the key solution.
The toughest solution to implement.
Total helplessness.
Anyway globally, let us HOPE for a ray of HOPE, yet HOPE may be a dangerous thing at some places!
No idea, regarding how to conclude this article, so I am just stopping here.
(irresistible feelings whirling within my mind after watching the News videos)
Friends, let us THINK at least.

17 Jun 2014

Al-Qaeda threat, which urges Kashmiri youths to wage war (Jihad) against India. - Is it an Unwanted propaganda??

It seems like certain media are doing unnecessary propaganda for these terrorists, creating the feeling of Insecurity among the readers/viewers. I saw yesterday's MATHRUBHUMI dated 16th June, 2014 (one among the leading Malayalam newspapers), report on the front page regarding the Al-Qaeda threat, which urges Kashmiri youths to wage war (Jihad) against India.

I think, we should learn to ignore such propaganda and that is the only way to fight against 'mental terrorism'! NO OTHER newspaper had reported the same in such a manner. The report even addresses Bin Ladan as 'ADDEHAM' (the term in Malayalam used for addressing a superior person with respect) at some point!
This is really ironic, I should say. I have no intention to blame or criticize negatively a particular newspaper say any, and I did not mean it. I would just like to point out what I felt, maybe my mistake, but I am writing this just because I do believe that there exist a lot of people who could have gone through the same kind of feelings on reading these reports.

The News can be true, and it is to be considered seriously and Govt. should take necessary actions and precautions against terrorism and people should be made aware of it. I believe that no external forces can destroy India, as long as WE, THE INDIANS stay together. But I would like to say that prominent Newspapers & channels, should show a little bit of maturity indeed and I would also like to say that, sharing these kind of matters again and again just popularizes their deeds as I did find many a number of people digging the news up and sharing in social media, thereby creating the feeling of insecurity among the people that somebody is going to BOMB the country as a whole soon!!!.
Just ignore these propaganda and believe in our STRENGTH, the NATION's STRENGTH.! JAI HO,
good Morning :-)

20 Feb 2014

Weird Inferno. (- by Rahul Sharma)

"The unguided mass on earth,
Filled with undefined souls,
Are termed as humans- at times!
Had fallen into fathomless whirls of oblivion,
Yet, insomniac but why..!??"

3 Oct 2013

'UNATTACHED FOR LOVE' - The love song of a rebel - by Rahul Sharma

Those were the days;
Which gave me new ways,
I didn't even sought;
With a mundane intention!
A hundred times I thought;
If you were my mistress.
It was hard to believe in distress
And I had never been so depressed.

I walked along solely...
People thought that I was crazy
And I did always enjoy that.
Without any pretention.

 I found the reason
Behind my unexpected redemption!
That was nothing but those simple thoughts...
Where you came as a bizarre...
Nevertheless all my desires!
You were that pristine soul!
For whom I was searching for years....
Now let me shed some tears...

I would have been
An Emperor of empyrean;
If you were my mistress,
About to impress;
Maybe an Empress;
But I never wanted to be one...!!

Some called me a writer;
While some called me a singer;
Some thought that I was a painter;
Orator for some others...
Intellectual they thought,
Mistaking for my reasons!
Genius I was, for some would say,
How... Now for me...
Everything seems to be path finding tools,
To find you,
My talents made my walking stick,
Since I was blind, until I could find you!
And now again, everything seems to be
A divine comedy!

You were that bold one,
Who did show guts;
Just to love me!
I still wonder that
How dare could you love me
Without bothering attitudes!

All that I needed was a proof
For my own existence.
An answer to a weird question
That my shadow does ask me always....
Regarding those lights behind me.
The reason why I loved twilight,
Was just because you were too glorious for my eyes;
Maybe for my thoughts too!

You made me igneous
My heart started burning;
You were the spark that lit the whole fire.
A bit of care you did give me...
Formed the last pieces of solace,
That would embalm my carcass!

Bygone days,
Of my own life, now I see,
Scribbled some odd verses;
Portrayed revolutions, on a canvas of love;
I did always stood and spoke for the truth,
And thus redrew my own trait!

have nothing new to do...
But a replica of wat I did in the past;
Re-incarnating the same God;
Remixing the same song;
Rewriting the same lines;
And replicating the same words...

Love you lady;
For being my lover...
Love you lady,
For taking me further...

A better counterpart,
The best conjugate,
I don't want you anymore,
And never feel sorry for me.
You were the exclusive for me;
But I am not the one for you.

I can't spare or spoil you either.
Please stay away from me.
And give me some time to love you.
Just give some space for me in your heart;
But not in your life!
As you are more worthy
I want you to stay for ever;
As a remnant of my love!

If you are the stone;
I cannot be the royal ring for you!
Golden rings would make you complete;
When I will be the eyes of your mirror;
Where you could see yourselves!
All I want is to keep on, reflecting your beauty
Towards you....
While the rebel within me keep blocking,
The intruders from the other side!
The lover in me will live for you,
And the rebel in me, will die for you!

Now let me lead my revolt
Without harming you;
So that I can stay for you always,
And my thoughts on you keep reviving me.
I thank you my dear
For not being my mistress.
I welcome you, my dear soul mate....
I welcome you to my life
And I welcome you to my afterlife.
Pursuit for you, is quite lengthy
I welcome you to love me;
And I thank you for making me love you...
And now let me make my last wish,
Maybe my only wish...
That let us stay blessed for love...
And let us stay unattached for love...
- Rahul Sharma (all rights reserved)