1 Mar 2016

The Union Budget FY17- Apparently, a rose with less thorns and less fragrance!

The Union Budget FY17 seems more inclined towards practicalities.
As we can see, the FM has come up with some pro-poor plans this time.
Unlike walking in just like a flamboyant Santa Claus, this time, the FM was more like a Robinhood, say, for a comparison to make.

The Budget focus on the development of rural and farm sectors. A big push has been given to many of those stalled irrigation projects which is really appreciable. The two consecutive droughts faced by the farmers demand nothing lesser to it. It is like a ray of hope for those down trodden farmers since the budget focuses on their security.However, the dream concepts like 'doubling the farmers' income' in the next five years and all cannot be underlined right now, yet, let us hope for it. The challenge is weather the Govt. can meet unprecedented challenges or not.

Rs.25,000Cr has been allotted for recapitalization of banks which could help those nationalized bank to come out from the black holes of bad debts. The setting up of BBB under former CAG- Vinod Rai could make some influence in these things. However, it offers a close call to the RBI. The budget is a cheer for home buyers, poor people, normal tax payers, farmers etc but a hit for salaried class and the super rich.There is an extra life given for tax evaders to come clean (from Jun-Sep,2016) which seems interesting.

There is a shock given on the side of PF funds withdrawal (60% of EPF to be made taxable). It is yet to wait and see whether the ease of rules made in the sectors of insurance, pensions and NBFCs to attract more FDI to these sectors would act like a shock absorbent or not.

The budget seems like more obsessed towards fiscal consolidations, however, it seems like more reliable this time (3.5% of GDP). There is no much spending on educational sector as a crisp. But on a closer observation, we can see that the Govt. is trying to make a giant leap from literacy to digital literacy which is admirable. The previous budget itself had some challenges like the 'Make in India' can never be a success unless the Govt. focus on developing the basic educational system (technical, non-technical and others as well). However, this time Govt. has made some sensible plans
to boost up basic structures not only in education, but also in infrastructure, digitization, skill development and power supply. Appreciable funds have been allotted for Road and transport development.

It is great to hear that budding entrepreneurs are being encouraged to a vast extent. Statistics shows that in the precious year itself, there are more than 4100 registered start ups across India, among which less than 10 to 8 percent have made it to a commendable position. An obscurity prevails on the fact regarding how to make a proper exit.

A Lion's share has been given to the Defense sector which is quite an okay decision if the Defense garage could replace more of its sub-standard equipment this time. It can be viewed in par with the purchase of more and more precise equipment and air-crafts like Raphels as well.

Variable pollution cess on new cars is an appreciable decision in this pollution saturated era.
Criticizers point out that there is nothing much for health care this time. But the reality is that it is already in par with those BRICS nations. Also, there is a new surprise plan for dialysis which is really a boon.

Though it can be called a pro-election budget with having a falcon's eye in cognizant with a series of state elections on the way, On an overall, prima facely, the budget seems like having a global eye with focus on primary and core sectors within, which is what necessary for the time being. Such steps can be considered as building block elements for ensuring the consistency of profitable and sustainable development. Let us hope that it will come into reality rather than staying within like a mere political document. Hoping so, let us give Narendra Modi a pass mark with a glee.

NB: Guys with girlfriends please note that your pockets can be torn apart anytime since jewelry prices are at a hike by 1% increment in tax.
Also, those beverages, ice creams, burgers and pizzas you are about to enjoy with your girlfriend in a shopping mall are certainly gonna pull your legs!.

PS: Thank God,
>>I am not at the retirement age,
>>I don't have a girlfriend and;
>> I don't smoke.
Thus, though the air ticket fare may rise, I guess I could land somewhere safely.

29 Feb 2016

Leonardo Di Caprio- Thus proved, the deserved!

Finally, this man has made it to the apogee! Nothing more, Nothing less! 
Leonardo DiCaprio heart emoticon like emoticon
Period! __/\__
A man with decades of hard work, perseverance and dedication with No complaints!
Maybe, a little too late for it, but no matter, in the end, the world will recognize the real talent => Thus proved! wink emoticon
"...And The Acadmey Award for the BEST ACTOR (88th) goes to LEONARDO DICAPRIO - for the movie, 'THE REVENANT.'....!"

(And then he used his vantage position to speak for the common good- by showing his concern for the environmental issues like global warming !)
Proud of you man!

"" If you can do what you do best and be happy, you're further along in life than most people""
- Leonardo DiCaprio!

13 Feb 2016

" ഇനിയും മരിക്കാത്ത കവി ; ഈ മൃതിയിൽ നിനക്കാത്മ ശാന്തി... "

 ഒരു കവി എന്ന നിലയിൽ വ്യക്തിപരമായി എന്നെ ഏറ്റവുമധികം സ്വാധീനിച്ച വ്യക്തികളിൽ ഒരാൾ . അഞ്ചിലോ ആറിലോ പഠിക്കുന്ന കാലത്ത് ഓ.എൻ.വി യുടെ 'അമ്മ ' എന്ന കവിത ആണ്  ഞാൻ ആദ്യമായി ഒരു വേദിയിൽ അവതരിപ്പിക്കുന്നത് . പിന്നെ കലോത്സവ വേദികൾ.  അന്ന്  തുടങ്ങി അദ്ദേഹത്തിന്റെ വാക്കുകൾ എന്നിൽ ഉണ്ടാക്കിയ സ്വാധീനം ചെറുതല്ല.  'Let humility be your crown' (വിനയമാവട്ടെ നിങ്ങളുടെ കിരീടം ) എന്ന ടാഗോറിന്റെ വാക്കുകൾക്ക് ഇദ്ദേഹം നൽകിയതിലും  വ്യക്തമായ ഒരു വിശദീകരണം മറ്റാരും നൽകി ഞാൻ കണ്ടിട്ടില്ല. വൈലോപ്പിള്ളി സംസ്കൃതി ഭവനിൽ ഇദ്ദേഹത്തിന്റെ പ്രസംഗം കേട്ടിരുന്ന ദിനങ്ങൾ ഒരിക്കലും മറക്കുകയില്ല. ആറ്റിക്കുറുക്കിയ വാക്കുകൾ.
IN SOLITUDE ന്റെ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (കൃതജ്ഞത ) പേജിൽ ഇദ്ദേഹത്തിന്റെ പേര് പരാമർശിക്കാൻ തികച്ചും വ്യക്തിപരവും വികാരപരവുമായ,  വളരെ വ്യക്തമായ ഒരു കാരണം എനിക്കുണ്ടായിരുന്നു.
ഈ നഷ്ടം ഒരിക്കലും നികത്താനാവില്ല. നികത്താൻ എനിക്ക് താത്പര്യവുമില്ല.
വാക്കുകൾക്ക്,  ആശയങ്ങൾക്ക്...
" ഇനിയും മരിക്കാത്ത കവി ;
ഈ മൃതിയിൽ നിനക്കാത്മ ശാന്തി... "

10 Feb 2016


So glad to know that TRAI,  has ultimately decided to safeguard the internet democracy. This proved that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and the mass user population cannot get fooled so easily by some mockery moves of few monopolies in the field.
Monopolies such as Facebook should realize that 'the universal law of justice' can't be uprooted by exploiting the unawareness of their user community. Such giants have planned and played very well, but had heavily underestimated the conscience of the educated Indian users who stands for net neutrality. The attempts of Facebook by pointing out huge statistical data of 'free basic supporters' has now become a boomerang.
Such mechanized statistical data,  which can be fabricated using the principle of 'mass production', trying to exploit the tendency of the people to click the 'LIKE' or 'OK' button, wherever they find.

However, this fraud idea was well realized by the TRAI authorities.
On an overall basis,  the steps being taken by the government of India, the SC and TRAI so far (including the IT 66A Act) are appreciable and vindicates that there exists a collective support for the common good. The matter of glee is that one can post something against the fraudulent acts of Facebook in Facebook itself!
However,  let us hope that the users will here onwards become a little too conscious in understanding the real intention behind any of those campaigns- led by some corporate giants, which offers something absolutely free for them, just by taking back the freedom from them!

The support TRAI has given to Net neutrality gives hope to the internet users that they can remain not only as mere users but also as content creators or service providers simultaneously, within the system. Thus, the idea of 'the internet of the people,  for the people and by the people' - has been safeguarded. It is almost sure that no alteration rules favoring the monopolies will  come after a couple of years or say as long as India does remain as a democratic republic underlining the elements of the preamble of its constitution.
- Rahul Sharma 

29 Jan 2016

Chapter ONE- 'Rohith Vemula'- an ode to the lost child:

Isn't there any SOLUTION to put an end to the caste based discrimination among the campuses in India?

As for now, we had been going through enough number of debates and discussions on behalf of the death of Rohith Vemula (Research Student, Hyderabad Central University). Statistics shows that around Eight Dalit students from the UoH (University of Hyderabad) itself have already committed suicide in the past decade. Why did they not make much into the headlines of national level newspapers and channels? Is it just because Rohith Vemula have done the same thing in a different way, leaving a powerful letter behind? Or is it to be considered as yet another shadow political mockery move to win the political war prior to the elections in Bihar, WB etc. by bracketing the names of Union Ministers Bandaru Dattareya and Smriti Irani within the black list adhering to the issue?
This is not the right time to do a post mortem on the incident just on the basis of political backgrounds. Let us focus on the matter of caste discrimination whether it be a part of this or not. It is ironical that India has just celebrated its 67th Republic Day while such issues happen on the other side of the society which itself reveals that it is already a high time to have a check into the issues of caste discrimination and untouchability prevailing in various layers of the society even now.
We know that we live in a society where the one who brought out the statements called 'annihilation of caste' himself had to admire Buddhism thereafter. Debates, discussions and endless protests won't be able to take us much ahead unless we try to bring some effective changes in the conventional perceptions regarding various matters appending to caste discrimination. We should do a little sort of introspection as well as retrospection at the same time.
Let us try to seek some ways to resolve the problem from some other angle of thoughts and perceptions.

The Adulterated Matter Of Religion:
It is a fact that Hinduism is not any religion which was evolved out from something, but is still evolving out from a complex culture of living practices and rituals. It was developed primly along the Indus, through which it had been weathering since thousands of years to become a well formed set up. Castes and sub castes (say Varnas) were initially defined on the basis of the profession one does. These are the truths which people often hesitate to understand. However, Hinduism is considered as a religion. Once upon a time, there was a fake belief that one can make an escape from being a Dalit or a discriminated community member (say any) just by changing one's religion from Hinduism to Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism or any other. Obviously, it was a true fact that such people who had undergone  a religious translation, by stepping out  from Hinduism were mostly able to make a progressive line of life thereafter. However, this trend was later misunderstood by many a number of Dalits. There were times when parents were ready to accept a bride or groom from some other religion but weren't ready to accept someone from a lower caste (as it is said to be) even if he or she belongs to the same religion! The crazy logic acts like "I prefer my daughter getting married to some thief from some other religion to marrying some guy who was born to a toilet cleaner". But, it is admirable that these days, things are changing positively in various places (Especially cities) which shows a ray of hope.

However, we do not need to talk about such things in this 21st century since it has become a matter of irrelevance.The bug in the code is that it is still wagging its tail as a matter of 'relevance' which should not be encouraged anymore. Unfortunate incidents like that of Rohith's prove that it has still got relevance in the current world. Problems started rising when religious norms and systems started becoming more and more politicized in an unhealthy manner. Things became vulnerable and insecure to a further level when bureaucracies started finding its own way to take a pivotal seat undermining the aesthetic principles of religion, say any.

The Blindfolded Act of Valour:
Though suicide can never be a solution for anything but Rohith's deed is being circulated and propagated in such a way that it tends to pass a message to other vulnerable youngsters to go with the same sheep thereby encouraging suicides in such a way that you can become a celebrity after death and people will pay you for all your misfortunes. It promotes the fake logic that you can experience a larger than life experience after your death which would be a motivation for other Dalit students facing worst than death situations in their life. Remember, Rohith Vemula is not a martyr, but a helpless victim of a social evil. Youngsters should note the point that there is a big difference between fighting until death and fighting by death. In the near future, the public will see the real chain pullers who are going to make huge gains out from the death of Rohith Vemula and the deluge of protests being followed.

Rohith's suicide is not merely the end of a debacle but it is to be considered as a wake up call for justice. As per the global statistics, the elements like depression, over-reaction and suicide tendency among the current world youngsters is said to be increasing dynamically. There should be a whole-hearted effort to curb such issues with more humane and psychological approach. Moral studies and ethics should be taught from school level itself by making social awareness and communal harmony as the core subjects. It should be taught as a practice to inculcate the culture of peacefulness among the coming generation apart from the conventional method of teaching ethics just using a text book. Some amount of spirituality and philosophy can also be brought into the campuses. It could be done in par with the Yoga movement and Swatchh Bharat mission as well.
Suggestible Educational and Socio-Political Reforms:
The importance being given to the caste, sub caste and the sub-sub caste should be reduced to a considerable level when it comes to the 'INSIDE CAMPUS' life.

-The system of allotting separate hostel rooms and accommodation facilities for General, OBC and SC/ST students should be terminated strictly.

-The reservation details are to be used only for technical admission procedures. Thereafter, it should not be allowed to mark a schematic presence at any magnified levels within a campus. Faculties and students need not get to know each others' caste or creed unless one reveals it willingly.

-One need not mention the surnames (which often includes the caste or clan name) on official documents and certificates (Unless for strict verification procedures).

Apart from all these measures, there should be a well set up political administrative system within colleges/universities which functions in a transparent and democratic way.

-Unlike, the students union and formation of political parties which we see now, were once set up from the initiatives during the times of Jayaprakash Narayan and all, the current world demands much more- out of the box systems like techno-cultural and psychological helping groups (A quasi-political system).

-Every campus should have such groups with elected representatives, incorporated with parents, teachers and eminent social workers, thinkers and advocates indeed.

-The system should act like a 'Problem Solving Hub', where students and teachers can express their views, hardships and bring them up for discussions to find a solution in a collective and pragmatic way.

-It should be brought under the jurisdiction of Supreme Court aggregating at a national level, extending to the ministry of Human Rights and welfare.

-The system should function in such a way that insults and discriminating deeds occurring at any of the campuses should be brought under the special tribunal formed under this wing and should be enquired and trialed and reports should be submitted within fourteen days so that it should never affect the academics.

The above mentioned measures can either be viewed as Utopian or childish but before we ignore something by calling it as mere 'childishness', one thing we should bear in our mind is that even the uneducated children of Haryana, U.P., Bihar etc.have got enough knowledge to discriminate their  pals on the basis of sub-sub-castes while they don't even know to name the colors they find in a rainbow or they don't even know how the Indian flag looks like! Such pathetic situation still exist within the rural villages of India were the demons of discrimination rules by demarcating people on the basis of castes and sub castes. The epic tragedy is that when we come to know that such discrimination on the grounds of caste play a pivotal role in at least some of the high profiled educational institutions and prominent universities of India, which is to be taken seriously.

Rohith Vemula, the one who aspired to become Carl Sagan, ended up in being a dead poet who has written a preface to his own death. Let Rohith be a lesson for all of us including you and me. Let us not forget the ones who sacrificed or buried themselves within the ordeals of filthy caste discrimination but let us forget the discrimination itself. Already, it is too late to think. If we do not make any step ahead thinking out of the box, the Indian constitution will turn meaningless and the Indian educational system will turn worthless and the nation itself will become a buffoon before the world finding its own place next to the then apartheid era.

Sorry Mr. Rohith Chakravarti Vemula,

Rahul Sharma. (rahulsharma3992@gmail.com)

PS: Let the truth come to light.

7 Jan 2016

Kangana Ranaut scores once again with a screen splitting double role!

Got to watch TwM & TwMR on a single stretch last day.
I know that I got a little late to it, yet, my mind can't escape without appreciating the performance of this actress, once again, I got wonder struck. I swear that none other than KANGANA RANAUT could render the bifurcating and challenging characters with difference in their natural  gradients like 'Tanuja' and 'Kusum' with such perfection. Once again the actress has proved that she is the QUEEN of the industry! :) (y) __/\__
Glad to see such well scripted female oriented family dramas with perceptional themes coming up with legendary artists in the lead roles.
- Rahul Sharma

29 Nov 2015

A Lavish Wedding!- There is nothing much to be criticized

NRI Business tycoon Ravi Pillai's daughter Arathi got married to Adithya Vishnu. Wedding Ceremony worth- 55 Cr. INR.
I just cannot know why do people get pissed off and feel annoyed of this! After all it is his damn personal money, it is his sole daughter and his personal stuff- whatever maybe. 
I should say that after
all the money is in the economy now!
People often say that marriage happens in heaven. So, if that is the case, then the rich has got the right to create their own heaven for them while the poor can do it in their own way. The thing is that one should not disturb the other one's life. 10 Cr. has been given as charity. 10 Cr. comprises of about 15-20% of the total wedding expense which is obviously a great thing.
For those criticizers out there, I have one question towards you. "If you arrange a wedding of Rs. 5 Lakhs for your daughter/son, would you mind donating 1 lakh (20% of it) to any charitable institutions?". Obviously NO and you can have enough reasons for your answer. There is NO much difference between such Business tycoons and those ordinary people who take loans and mortgage their properties so as to get their daughters married, which could be conducted in a much simpler way in some register office. Now please show some self respect. Be a little more broad minded and introspective and come out of your world of hypocrisies. Whatever maybe, please let it be and wish the couple a happily ever after life.
PS: even Big budget movies are being made to hide black money;
Huge Election propaganda and Political Party meetings are being held at a budget of Crores and all those are snatched directly/indirectly from the common man.
The issue comes when a rich man does something personal for him. That's all.
Being poor is not a crime, being rich either.
Crime is in how we do end up in being someone.

- Rahul Sharma

9 Oct 2015

When Cattle becomes DOG

Last day Someone asked me: "Rahul, Why can't you write something upon issues like BEEF and STRAY DOGS!? "
Well I admit, anyone can come out of their homes and show their asses off since these are the trend setting topics these days. Well, I have nothing to comment upon.
>> I have just tasted Beef once and in either ways, I don't like it.
>> I had few narrow escapes from stray dogs and that was not a fine experience indeed!.
Now it is my personal choice to determine what to eat and what not but I don't support any of those so called inhuman 'beef ceremonies' being held and excused on that cause.
It is my true reflex part that comes out when I try to knock down a stray dog that comes to attack me.
And Now it is My Damn personal choice to decide what to WRITE and What NOT!
NB: For those fellas who are waiting to make insulting and provocative comments- It is my choice to Slam/Block you 
or not!

Peace out :)
have a nice day

20 Aug 2015

Peeping into the Indo-Arabian Catwalk! - by RAHUL SHARMA

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to Saudi Arabia and U.A.E, is being celebrated profoundly and has of course  paved a new way for the  Indo-Arab bilateral relationships. However, things are to be viewed in much more pragmatic way so as to bring about a better change to the current situation that prevails within and beyond the Indian diaspora.
 ''Looking West" and "Looking East" has become a global trend among the Developing countries of the world these days which includes India as well as Saudi Arabia. Checking back, Saudi Arabia had been on a better form with India on bilateral relationships. The trade relations between the two countries do exist since 1000 AD, however the strategic relationship started profoundly since 1955 apropos the "5 Principle Peace Treaty of co-existence" in cognizant with the Non-Alignment Movement during the times of Nehru. Appreciable steps were taken by former Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh so as to keep the country which can be considered as one among the major shareholders of the Indian FDI ventures within the circle. Now, again it is appreciable that Modi has tried to enhance the bond further.

Narendra Modi's recent visit to Saudi Arabia should never be seen as a mere trip since India has already tied a knot with Tel-Aviv, making a point in history that could create irritation among few Arab countries for sure. Strings are to be coordinated well to avoid further misunderstandings and Modi's visit to Saudi can be helpful in that way too.
Stronger and strategic relationships with Saudi Arabia is essential in every aspects from Oil trades, investments, IT to that of curbing the IS threats and other ill-wills which India had to face in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia can do the role of a mediator or further act as an 'angel' at times, say no wonder it is just helpful if we could keep a positive vibe with a nation which has got a commanding voice on the 'Sunnis' which will be crucial in the coming years.

In the case of U.A.E, again it is a point to think why did we not make a visit to a nation which constitutes a working Indian population just more than that of the whole Parsi community in India, since 34 years!? Great that at least certain things are better to be done  late, than never! However, from a critic's point of view, U.A.E. could just remain as little more to the concept of 'El-Dorado' if no plausible steps as for them do rise from the Indian Govt. in the form of the proposed GST bill, which should be made into action as soon as possible.

Let us hope that things are going fine overseas and now we should do well within Parliaments on that part so as to take it further. This is a subject to be considered and discussed apolitically. 
The boosting up of Modi's visit to the middle east in the name of a Hindu Temple, is merely out of fact since much things are happening within the International visit which are to be hyped more. It is time to start thinking above political egos so as to bring about prominent changes within the lives of NRIs and take the Indian economy to the next level.
- Rahul Sharma

27 Jul 2015

Kalam Sir, you are still here...

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Sir, I have got nothing, but just these mails from you.
May your soul rest in peace for ever ever and ever. Thank you sir (... and Thereafter, I started moving ahead with my passions)
The Nation's youth has lost an anchor
I just can't....
//thank God that I could share a stage with him once unsure emoticon

//feeling lost.... feeling vacuum>
-Personally, an Emotional catastrophe for me
— feeling shocked.